"Tales of water" by Mireille Liénard + Vassilis Rouvalis

The project consists of a series of activities and events focused on public water-related monuments in Tinos (springs, fountains, wash basins), unfolding the island’s multiple identities and highlighting Tinos’ natural and man-made environments, as well as the cultural significance of agricultural constructions and monuments.

This was the idea behind the outdoor walking exhibition set up by members of the Tinos Artists Association of Visual Arts. Visitors will be taken on a journey across the springs of ten villages (Arnados, Mountados, Tripotamos, Ktikados, Hatzirados, Xinara, Smardakito, Kardiani, Venardados and Pyrgos), where visual arts meet oral history, painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, video art, in situ installations, tales of water, music, outdoor theatre performances and film screenings, all making for a unique experience embedding the visitor’s presence in the villages’ historical bond with water.

Down at the municipal’s Moshoulios School, which was refurbished and converted into a cultural venue, visitors will find an interactive map of Tinos with embedded QR codes, where they can read detailed information about the installations.