venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Χωρίς λόγια (Wide open road)

Προς Τρόοδος (foto: Silio D'Aprile, 2010)
Well the drums rolled off in my forehead/ and the guns went off in my chest / Remember carrying the baby for you / Crying in the wilderness / I lost track of my friends, I lost my kin / I cut them off as limbs / I drove out over the flatlands / hunting down you and him / The sky was big and empty / My chest filled to explode / I yelled my insides out at the sun / At the wide open road / it's a wide open road, it's a wide open road / How do you think it feels / sleeping by yourself? / when the one you love, the one you love / is with someone else / Then it's a wide open road / It's a wide open road / And now you can go any place / that you ever wanted to go / I wake up in the morning / thinking I'm still by your side / I reach out just to touch you / then I realise / It's a wide open road / It's a wide open road /
(The Triffids, at "Born Sandy Devotional")